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19 Princes Street

19 Princes Street

The Clubhouse is an escape from the everyday musings of normal day to day life...

Centrally located in the heart of the business district, The Clubhouse stands as a dignified Italianate-style quarry stone building tucked amongst the cityscape. An iconic mantle of Virginia Creeper covers the whole building and boasts vibrant colours of green and red throughout the year.

Hidden behind the green leafy cloak and spanning four floors, the Clubhouse is home to 3 dining spaces, 3 bars, multiple private dining spaces, a range of beautiful function spaces and an ornate billiards room. Its style is a marriage of old and new, featuring detailed interiors, antique finishes, and a fresh, contemporary design at the rear of the Clubhouse in the recently extended Bankside Bar & Lounge.

Over the years the Club has opened its arms to other prestigious clubs, merging with the Auckland Club in 2010 and The Officers Club in 2007.